Taliban Enters Afghanistan’s Presidential Palace After Taking Over The Airport

The Taliban has entered the Afghan presidential palace after Ghani flees to Pakistan. This is a huge blow for the government in Afghanistan. It is a sign of failure on the part of President Obama and the US military in Iraq and for the civilian population in Afghanistan. It is quite possible that Karzai himself may sue the United States for not protecting him during the battle for Kunduz.

The Taliban has now completely occupied the capital city of Kunduz and all other cities within easy reach of Kunduz. There will be no mercy for any of their demands. The women will be raped, the men will be beheaded and the schools will be burned. The airport, the ministries and the offices have already been closed and security is being tightened around the palace.

In fact the Taliban has already threatened to kill Mullah Akhundzhan and Mullah Rasool from their current posts. If they are murdered, this will further consolidate their hold on power. If the president is still in the country, it is clear that they will be attacked and killed. Once again, the Taliban has put America in an extremely precarious position where they cannot afford to lose control of the region.

The Obama administration has sent additional troops to the area to provide support to the Afghan security forces. The Taliban has taken over the mayor’s office in Kunduz and several police stations. The UN mission in the city is being advised to stay out of the area while the operations are underway. The US embassy is calling on both sides to cooperate with each other to facilitate negotiations.

US Ambassador Ryan Owens has made it known that the US is considering providing the Taliban with the explosives and weapons to fight the Americans. This is one of the reasons that President Obama has made the option of Mullah Dadar, who is close to the Taliban, the new governor of Kunduz. Mullah Dadar will be installed in the region and will answer to the president. The US ambassador to Pakistan has assured that if either of the candidates for president of the country is made a government official, he would be forced to leave immediately.

Taliban entered the presidential palace through the backs of security force helicopters who were positioned at the airport. Once they reached the palace, fighting broke out. Two suicide car bombs exploded near the presidential palace killing at least six people and injuring many others. The dead included the chief gatekeeper and his bodyguards.

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